I know how it feels...

  • ...sitting in a job you don't really love  
  • ...knowing that you are meant to do something bigger
  • ...having a vision but struggling bringing it to the people
  • ...not knowing if doing what you love will pay the bills
  • ...being afraid of failure
  • ...being afraid of success
  • ...being afraid of true visibility with what you do... 

Imagine all these challenges to be in the past

and you are a thriving Entrepreneur who enjoys what he is doing every day, 

delivering his great ideas to the his happy customers!


How you will achieve that:

In the successful redesigned and streamlined  

10 Week Intensive RISE & SHINE program 

we will..

  • discover a crisp clear vision of where you want to go
  • set focus on your true goals
  • develop a professional action plan what to do, when to do it and how to do it
  • streamline your product or service 
  • identify your ideal client and learn how to approach them
  • create an enticing and marketing flow for your product or service
  • train mentally for the perfect mindset for success

What you take away

  • Your fully set business: 
  • Streamlined Product
  • Optimized Marketing
  • Organized Action Plan
  • Pure Focus & Mindset For Success
  • Sustainable Motivation and Power To Keep Your Flow Of Success
  • More free time for family & friends
  • More time for all things you love

Are you only a dreamer or a DOer?

Success is for those who ACT!

The perfect day never comes 




An International Top Coach

For YOUR Business!

Manuel Shipwood

Hi, my name is Manuel Shipwood, international Coach, Author, Speaker and creator of the “RISE & SHINE” program for Entrepreneurs. 

I dedicated all my work to authenticity and true connections. However, I know that when it comes to our jobs, we often decide to play safe - Because we were told to do so. But in most cases this contradicts with an authentic lifestyle: 

If we choose to stay in our comfort zone, in a relationship that doesn’t work, in a job we don't love, we don't dare to be our true selves.

To be true to yourself also means doing what you love, loving what you do. Be fully yourself and change the world by whom you are! 

Bring your individual gift to the world. You are here for a reason my friend. Don’t hide that precious gift. It’s needed! 

This is why I created the coaching programs ”The PURPOSE System™" to rediscover what your true passions and talents are and how you could develop your personal dream job out of it - and “RISE &&SHINE as an Entrepreneur” to finally LIVE your purpose and develop successful ways to deliver your beautiful message or your precious ideas to the people who need it and wait for it. 

Being a dedicated part of the Human Potential Movement I use a holistic approach to address mental challenges, enabling people to achieve extraordinary results in their business with the right mindset. Purpose driven Entrepreneurs also benefit of my 10 years of experience in corporate communications and marketing for top companies like Fujitsu, Allianz, BMW, AUDI, ThyssenKrupp, The Linde Group, KPMG and many more. 

What's in for you

  •  10 weeks of intentisve coaching! (Value $3.000)
  •  FREE 1-on-1 Personal Coaching Session (Value: $250)
  •  Coaching Workbook 
  •  Weekly Assignments
  •  Your individual action plan..
  •  ..advised by a professional project manager (Value: $1.500) 
  •  Accountability System keeping you on track 
  •  FREE Marketing Material Check! (Value: $590)
  •  Becoming a successful Entrepreneur, doing what you love (Value:PRICELESS!)

VALUE: $ 5.000

The best investment of your life: 

  • only $ 1.997


...what happy clients say...


“Thank you... You have breathed life back in to me!” 

“I admire your endless energy!” – L.D.


From the beginning on, Manuel showed me things, that I haven't seen before.He asked me the right questions. This questions and the exercises he gave me in the sessions and for the preparation to the coaching sessions have brought me on my way. This changed my life in so many ways and I'm so happy now.I learned a lot about myself and how to follow my path without being held back by my fears. Manuel is a very heartfelt, open minded, patient man. I always felt like talking to a friend who speaks from the heart, stands by my side and supports me to make my dreams come true.

Deep deep thanks Manuel!” – K.G.

“…Luckily enough my Coach confronted me with an important question: He asked me if that is what I really wanted? He knew well enough, if I didn’t ask myself the important questions in life I soon will get used to the state I have become to enjoy and start to drive myself crazy in search for happiness and fulfilment. He is the personification of a life well lived for me. Many successful carreers before he was even 30 years old, happy, loves and respects himself and others unconditionally. So, I wanted to know the secret, I wanted to have it all too…like he does…” –A.A. 

“Manuel Shipwood keeps as a coach exactly what you expect. He supports you with competence, a lot of patience and always humorous and friendly on the search for your own goal (or more goals) and finds always the right questions to give you a leg up. (Just in case you get stuck) I always felt comfortable and in good hands during the whole coaching process. Therefore I can recommend Manuel most warmly, if you need help on your search for new options in your life.” – R.N.

What are you waiting for?

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If you wait for a sign of the universe - Congratulations: 

THIS IS IT! – NOW GO and DO what you came for!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What if I cannot attend a coaching call?

No problem, all coaching calls are recorded and you have access to them with all the time you need. Feel free to re-watch all coaching sessions whenever it is perfect for you. 

Can I ask questions about MY business or is it just an online course?

You are encouraged to ask questions, interact and work on YOUR own business! This is a real coaching that wants YOU to thrive and be successful! 

What if I realize during the coaching that I don’t have a clear vision of what I want to do?

This is an important question and we have a great solution for that: In the beginning of the RISE & SHINE Coaching we check in with your vision and make sure you know exactly where you want to go. In case you are totally lost with what your true goal or passion is, there is a chance to switch to the program The PURPOSE System with NO extra costs! There you can work on rediscovering your true passion, individual talents and finding your element, where you are fully in the zone, in the flow, living your purpose. The RISE & SHINE program then can be succeeded afterwards with a great discount.

Do I need to buy additional material like books for this coaching?

No, you already get a great collection of information and material in this program. It’s not mandatory to buy additional books to participate in your coaching program. However, for those who really mean it and want to dig deeper into developing their full potential I will recommend some further literature which can be read on an optional basis. 

What if I even cannot afford the great deal offered here? Do I have to wait until I can afford it or is there any other way to start anyways?

Believe me, I know what it feels like and I know that especially in the beginning, investments are a double edged sword: On the one hand you know that you just have to do it to finally get some motion into your dreams on the other hand budget is tight and you have to calculate wisely. Honestly, I think it’s a sad thing that money is the only thing that holds back so many motivated and visionary entrepreneurs. That’s why I offer a comfortable payment plan that allows you to pay the fee in 4 easy monthly installments of only $579 - To use this payment plan, just click here. 

If that still is absolutely impossible to handle for you… yes, it is an investment. An investment into YOUR LIFE, your dream, your path out of mediocracy towards extraordinary success and happiness. You don’t pay that out of the same wallet you buy your coffee from. You wouldn’t do that when buying a car or a new smartphone, but you would make it possible because you know that you need it and that it enables you to do more what you love. 

However, your dream and success is too important to me to let you out in the rain. If the easy monthly installments are still not working for you, contact me here and we will talk about your situation to find a solution to get you started right away! There is no shame in that. I did it too, when I got coached. And coaches are here to help. So don't hide behind budget-excuses butdare to ask for help! Click here!

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